Preparing for your Entrance Examination

Baltic Sea International Campus offers a seminar to help students prepare for the entrance examination. Subjects like German and Math will be taught, as well as many others. The duration of the course will be three to six months. The start of training will be adjusted according to the timing of your entrance examination. After you have passed your entrance examination, you will be invited to the assessment examination. Upon completion of the assessment exam, you may begin your Bachelor studies.

Preparation for Assessement Examination

art studies
If you are artistically talented you can apply for some colleges also without DSH 2. Also after passing the corresponding assessment test you can get the admission. BSIC offer you as an Art or Music student the preparation seminar for your entrance examination including the language training A1/B1/B2 and the written as well as the practical exam simulation.

Intensive language training

Baltic Sea International Campus offers an intensive language course as preperation for the DSH exam. This program provides an oppurtinity for students to improve their German skills, specifically: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and grammar. Students will also undergo an exam simulation to test their knowledge, and ensure readiness for the exam.

You may apply for the intensive language training under the following circumstances:
  • You have studied at a 211- Universitiy at least one semester
  • You have completed at least 3 semesters at another University
  • You have to pass the APS exam, but your language level is not sufficient for DSH 2 or DAF 4

Training as a Nurse or Caregiver

If you have German proficiency level A2 or higher and you have a conclusion as a nurse or a caregiver at a college or university you can apply for the special training as a nurse or a caregiver.

These courses split into two parts:
  • Intensive language training for B1-TELC exam
    During the course we give you the opportunity to establish contacts to nursing homes to get employment contracts. The duration of this course is 3 months.
  • Special training
    This training will be financed by your employers and BSI Campus provides housing. After 6 months of training we will register you for the final exam.
During the training you receive a monthly salary of 300 € from the PJ-Stiftung.
    Advantages of this Program:
  • In a German nursing home you can make up to 2300 € per month.
  • The employment contract is restricted to 5 years. After those 5 years you can achieve your unlimited residency permit.

Special trainings

BSIC can offer you corresponding special trainings for many different subjects individually adjusted to the requirements of your business partners.

Chinese course

Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world. Because of chinas development in the last years, a lot of people started learning chinese. Our course is to all those people, who are interested in the faszinating chinese culture. You will learn pronunciation, main-features of chinese conversation as also practise writing chinese characters.

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