Prof. Dr. Peter Jochimsen

Professor Dr. Peter Jochimsen is President of BSIC. He's the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peter Jochimsen Stiftung g., educator, lyricist and author. He was rector of the University Of Applied Science Of Kiel. During this time he was also working as a consultant for the Ministry of Culture of Schleswig-Holstein.

Wei Qian

Wei Qian Geschäftsführerin BSIC GmbH
Vorstand Peter Jochimsen Stiftung g.
Präsidentin der Deutsch Chinesischen Gesellschaft e.V.
Vizepräsidentin der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher China-Gesellschaft e.V.

Falko Windhaus

Falko has lived and worked in Eckernförde for 25 years. Falko is a painter, designer, aesthetic consultant, teacher, actor, organizer and curator. These are not merely skills for him; he is extremely proficient in all of them. He's only doing what's a pleasure or an enrichment for others. That's why Windhaus is just himself.

Dr. Yangyang Su

Dr.Yangyang Su,born in Shanghai, China and now Germany oversea Chinese. She works as the Dean of International School in Baltic Sea International, the Deputy Director of Galerie 66 gallery in German, the General manager of German BKB International Business Co., Ltd, the member of German Entrepreneur Association and of German Woman Entrepreneur Association. Moreover, she is the postgraduate of oil painting faculty in The Russian Academy of Arts, the Doctor and guest professor of Management in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She also holds the post of Germany branch campus president of DRM Psychological Campus, Germany branch association chairman of Chinese Woman Calligraphy and Painting Association and authorized N.G.H hypnotherapist of American Hypnotist Association. In addition, she acts as international professional practitioner of American NLP, Children’ s psychological consultant and the DJ of “ the voice of Danke” in Chinese Himalayan FM Radio Station.

Monika Ipsen

Monika Ipsen is BSIC's secretary. She is very engaged and always hospitable. She also knows the regional culture and the people in Eckernförde very well. She welcomes new students at the train station and the airport. Monika also accompanies the students to the authorities and offers them a lot of support. She introduces new students to their host families and shows them the city and surrounding area. These efforts make it much easier to get used to the German culture. We all call your “Moni”

Ole Freiberg

Ole Freiberg studied teacher training in German and English. He also completed an additional training at International House for a certified teacher in german as a foreign language. He is regulary working for the Humboldt Institut. In addition he is working as a teacher in german as a foreign language in Internat Louisenlund. Since 2012 he is teaching at BSIC and prepares young adults for their entrance eximination to get their university studies.

Freia Marten

After her high school graduation in Oldenburg, Freia Marten was torn between her love to the theatre and mathematics. She decided studying acting on the Academy of Music and Theatre in Hannover. She was working as a stage actress for many years after she gets her diploma. But because she still loves mathematics she regulary joined guest lectures at the university. For more then ten years now, she is working as a drama tutor (i.a. student union Schleswig-Holstein) and also as a mathematic teacher. For one year she is also working for our campus. She takes great delight in working with the foreign students.

Claudia Piehl

Claudia Piehl is a performing musician of modern and classical music. In addition to her acting and singing career, she founded her own art school. She taught many young talents in music and education. Because of her familiarity with the assessment exams, she helps foreign students prepare.

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